Saturday, October 08, 2005

Obligatory irregular update #5

The long and the short of things is, I'm still not dead. Beyond that, though... For the first time in a month, I have nothing imminently due or necessary to prepare for in the foreseeable future (read: "two to three days"). I finished the marathon that was studying for and writing the LSAT last week, and am cautiously confident of a respectable score in the upper range of the scale; I'm done every piece of course-related writing due for another three weeks; and both jobs have calmed down for a bit. I'm in the rather odd position, then, of having forgotten what I usually do for fun beyond multitasking-friendly distractions like music or TV. I'm sure I'll figure it out again just soon enough to be overtaken by a whole new set of suddenly-defined deadlines. On the other hand, I've also created a whole new set of neuroses to cope with, in finally convincing parts of the advertising business to switch. (Y'know, Switch.) Yes, I've finally made my first converts as a Mac evangelist. I should be happy, after selling the virtues of OS X on a semi-ubiquitous basis for the past six months, but I'm kind of terrified, being that I'll be the one ending up providing tech support. Which is to say, I don't remember: have I said anything in an offhand manner about the spiffiness of Tiger recently that's going to come back and bite me? Still, that's a much lesser evil than having to provide the same level of support for a wonky Windows box with unreliable hardware. I've passed on the copy of Brian Tiemann's excellent OS X Panther in a Snap that I no longer need, in hopes that it might forestall some questions, but I think putting in a purchase request for an updated reference work or two on Tiger, as well as a copy of Remote Desktop - just in case - might not be a bad investment either. But now, if you'll excuse me, there's a copy of the Age of Empires III demo that's been sitting on my desktop uninstalled - or even copied to the PC capable of running it - for far too long, and the changes to the resource and trade systems look just plain neat.


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