Tuesday, August 02, 2005

'Twas said by someone wise, it pays to advertise

It's almost as if government shouldn't be engaged in pointless, expensive, and ripe-for-kickbacks advertising, or something: "Ad campaign for obscure federal agency flops." OTTAWA — A federal agency spent $300,000 on advertising this year in order to raise its profile, only to find that fewer Canadians recognized it after the campaign than before. Polls commissioned by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada suggest the national ad campaign flopped in a big way. Consider, also, the further effects of such wasted advertising: [FCAC Spokesman Bruno] Levesque said the agency, which is funded by a levy on the banks, is reviewing its advertising strategy. Banks are being charged fees to finance the federal agency, thus increasing their operating costs - costs, in some indirect way, eventually passed down to consumers, whether by user fees or unappealing interest rates. Bank customers are, thus, being penalized for the current low profile of the FCAC. I love the twists and turns of federal bureaucracy; don't you?


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