Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Can you use any money today?

Spiffy: Canadians who bought an MP3 player last year could be eligible for a refund of up to $25. Apple, Sony, and Hewlett-Packard announced this week that they would refund the "piracy" levy customers paid on their MP3 players, including the iPod, between December, 2003 and December, 2004, after the Supreme Court of Canada refused last month to overturn a Federal Court of Appeal decision that rendered the levy invalid. "Apple is pleased that the Supreme Court of Canada let stand a lower court ruling that blank media levies on iPods are invalid, and will shortly announce a claims process so consumers can request a refund for the levies they paid," the company said in a press release late Monday. I couldn't get anything out of the class-action suit filed against Apple for inadequate battery life in 3G models, it applying only to US customers, but I can certainly collect on this; I bought John Quincy iPod on May 6, 2004, and actually (unusually) managed to not lose the receipt. Kudos to Apple (and others, but, well, I can't care too much about Sony's slew of idiotic ATRAC-only devices of the past few years) for doing the right thing, and refunding the levy. I was starting to get a bit passive-aggressively bitter about post-December 17 buyers getting a nice Christmas discount, without any concessions to existing owners.


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