Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vital powers wither

Ontario 1, union goons 0: Striking Hydro One workers cannot block entrances to any of Ontario's generating plants, ruled a judge Wednesday. Justice Colin Campbell ruled this morning that pickets by the Society of Energy Professionals were stopping generating plant staff from getting to work and putting Ontario's power system at risk. But the society said the power grid is already at risk while its workers are off the job, and they say the judge's ruling doesn't mean they can't picket the plants. If the province should suffer any significant blackouts this summer because of their irresponsible behaviour, I'll wager even the more union-friendly parts of Ontario will be hard-pressed to do anything but publicly crucify them. It's not like they wouldn't deserve it; the utility grid - especially during times of peak use - is far too important to let the petty demands of any union bugger it up. Why couldn't we see some strong leadership on that count from Hydro One?


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