Saturday, July 02, 2005

To progress I may be a drag

Someone finds those diagonally split Canadian/American flags the dollar stores sell this time of year offensive: Calgary -- Bruce Haig has spawned a bit of a flag flap. The 67-year-old retired history teacher from Lethbridge, Alta., recently visited a dollar store in search of a Canada Day hat and was shocked to find a display of flags that featured both the Maple Leaf and the Stars and Stripes -- and were made in China. He huffed out of the shop and posted his disgust on the Canadian heritage website ( that he maintains. "I just think you shouldn't mutilate the flag," Mr. Haig said yesterday. Indeed, Mr. Haig spent much of Canada Day sorting through scores of e-mails and fielding calls about the split flag. "Ninety-nine per cent thought it was very offensive. You don't mess with a flag," he explained. Several people called it an "abomination." Some suggested such treatment of the flag should be illegal. Some wanted to distance this country from the United States. Another said a merged flag is an idea as bad as flag shorts. Abomination? Well, it's a terrible thing to do to Old Glory, I'll grant, but maybe not as bad as all that.


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