Monday, July 04, 2005

There's a face that we wear, in the cold light of day

What a surprise: Here comes the election-postponement talk. I expected some form of breaking the 30-days-after-Gomery pledge, but I also expected the Liberals to have a better excuse than, well, winter: Liberal MPs are urging Prime Minister Paul Martin to push off election date until the spring, possibly as late as May 2006. Liberal MPs say they don't want to go to the polls next February and are urging Prime Minister Paul Martin not to call an election 30 days after Justice John Gomery releases his final report expected in mid-December, as the PM promised, and are instead pushing for a spring election next year when the hazards of sleet and snow would not be a factor out on the hustings. "I think, like everyone, I don't want to go through a winter election," said Liberal MP Shawn Murphy (Charlottetown, P.E.I.) "That makes a lot of things difficult. A lot of times you talk to people at the door. Well you can't have the door open if it's 40 below and the wind is blowing. That's one problem. Getting to the door could be a problem. It's just a whole host of logical problems. If you're up in northern Quebec or northern Ontario or even Nunavut, what the hell do you do then?" What utter cowards. If it's impossible to hold an election campaign for "the hazards of sleet and snow," how is it that the day-to-day business of the country manages to get accomplished between October and May? Is it really such a hardship to eschew knocking on individual doors in favour of local debates, community centre events, and the like? What kind of pampered weaklings are the Liberals planning to run in northern ridings? (Don't answer that.) (Via Bourque.)


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