Thursday, July 14, 2005

Something expensive, something offensive

Interesting choice of subject matter, this, in an ad on the San Francisco Chronicle's site: Now, I'm of the opinion that the subject matter of this show - perpetuating the stereotype of Americans abroad as somehow spectacularly more boorish and ignorant than tourists of any other nationality - is a pretty lazy way to garner applause from the theatrical community, especially in Berkeley, the We Suck capital of America. But right now, that particular image isn't just sloppy anti-Americanism; it's nearly hateful. Who's squandering international goodwill, here? (Of course, I'd also wager that the creators likely think it's even more appropriate now, what with how Evil Amerikkkan Imperialism has caused brave rebel militants to rise up and justly strike Britain for going along with the Global War for Oil. Or something to that effect.)


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