Thursday, July 21, 2005

Someone who's stalwart and steady

Erg. Another day, another threat. A number of Tube stations have been evacuated and lines closed after minor blasts in what Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair says is a "serious incident". Sir Ian said only three Tube lines were still suspended and said it was time London started to return to normal. At least there seem to be no serious casualties, this time. It never ends, but that never justifies giving up, or collapsing into paroxysms of self-loathing. In that vein, I'm watching the press conference with Tony Blair and John Howard right now, and I'm reminded how much I envy Australians. Howard is a cool-headed, hard-nosed SOB, and seems considerably less flustered by reporters asking inane "Admit you caused this by invading Iraq" questions. He's like a high school teacher patiently explaining cause and effect to a rather dull-witted remedial history class, and isn't at all apologetic about reminding them of Bali and incidents prior. If only our own Liberals were as competent and steadfast against terror as Howard's similarly-named party.


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