Monday, July 04, 2005

Shining star and inspiration

I could write something about Independence Day today. But I don't think I have much to add compared to what I wrote last year, with a short exception. This year, I went out and actually attended a 'normal' Canada Day celebration, for the first time in years; a concert and fireworks show in Kanata, actually. And while I did see a couple of belligerent (and probably drunk) flag-waving jackasses on the way - jumping up and down on top of a bus shelter, and prancing around in the median on Terry Fox, respectively - neither seemed to have anything to say beyond "Woo! Canada!" There's no context for appreciation, only a still-shallow nationalism that falsely convinces proponents it's somehow better than more-justified varieties of nationalist expression from the US and elsewhere. Sure, celebration in itself is fun, but it doesn't seem to mean anything beyond being an official governmentally-endorsed revel. (Shades of ancient Rome.) That's one of the reasons why I appreciate America so: right or left, Americans seem to have a much more real sense of stewardship for something worth preserving, and even fighting for. But then, contentious as it may be, it actually is a political system worth fighting for. Ours, by comparison, I'm still not so sure about.


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