Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Of thee I sing, baby; you have got that certain thing, baby

This is interesting, if not necessarily surprising: "Poll: U.S. patriotism continues to soar." The poll, conducted by the Roper Reports unit of NOP World, is based on personal and telephone interviews over several years. It found that 81 percent of Americans believed patriotism is “in,” meaning it is an important factor in their individual identities, compared with 14 percent of Americans who believed patriotism is “out.” The Roper/NOP poll found the gap was the widest since 1991, after the first Persian Gulf War, and far wider than during the mid- to late 1990s. “That [patriotism] appears so long after the period of frenzied flag-waving following 9/11 suggests that it is settling in as a fixture of American perceptions,” according to Roper Reports. I thought this cover story about the decline of lapel flag pins, from (ahem) the Fashion & Style section of Sunday's New York Times, sounded a bit too much like wishful thinking based on random observation. It's nice to have that demonstrated so soon thereafter, though. (Via Polipundit.)


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