Monday, July 25, 2005

A most disgusting exhibition

How low can petty political sniping go in the pro-war/anti-war divide? Pretty repellently low. But, hey, as long as you're against that eeeeevil George Bush, any action you take is automatically rendered appropriate and noble, right? The family of a Marine who was killed in Iraq is furious with [Pennsylvania] Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll for showing up uninvited at his funeral this week, handing out her business card and then saying "our government" is against the war. Rhonda Goodrich of Indiana, Pa., said yesterday that a funeral was held Tuesday at a church in Carnegie for her brother-in-law, Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, 32. She said he "died bravely and courageously in Iraq on July 10, serving his country." In a phone interview, Goodrich said the funeral service was packed with people "who wanted to tell his family how Joe had impacted their lives." Then, suddenly, "one uninvited guest made an appearance, Catherine Baker Knoll." She sat down next to a Goodrich family member and, during the distribution of communion, said, "Who are you?" Then she handed the family member one of her business cards, which Goodrich said she still has. "Knoll felt this was an appropriate time to campaign and impose her will on us," Goodrich said. "I am amazed and disgusted Knoll finds a Marine funeral a prime place to campaign." [...] What really upset the family, Goodrich said, is that Knoll said, 'I want you to know our government is against this war,' " Goodrich said. I can't think of anything more ghoulish, and that it's from an elected official is worst of all. The Lieutenant-Governor is no better than the vile Fred Phelps and his "God Hates Fags" crowd for sheer depraved gall, who have similarly been known to crash a private funeral in order to spread their narrow, obnoxious agenda. At least you can say of the abominable Rev. Phelps, however, that he isn't doing what he does on the public dime. Michelle Malkin has much more. (Via LGF.)


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