Monday, July 25, 2005

Mere folk who give distraction

On priorities: This is the front page of today's Ottawa Citizen. See way below the fold, at the bottom there, just above the index? The story I've marked "A" is "Your cat's a finicky meat-eater because it has no sweet tooth." See the one marked "B?" That's a short headline for the results of a poll of Canadians saying "Invasion left Iraq better off," a new and welcome change of attitude. (Free version in the National Post here, headlined with "Canadians support US in Iraq.") A majority of Canadians and Britons say Iraq is better off for the U.S.-led invasion of the country, but most Canadians say peace and security in Iraq will be more than five years away, according to a new Gallup poll obtained by the Association for Canadian Studies. In what seems to be a shift in Canadian opinion toward the war, 59% of Canadians said Iraq is either "much better" or "somewhat better" off now than before the U.S.-led invasion. Sixty-one per cent of Britons said the same. The editor who decided that this was such a non-story it needed to be buried below the fold, and sidelined for a fluff piece about how most housecats don't have "sweet receptors" on their tongues? He needs to be fired, and now.


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