Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat

Quick links with few comments: - I want a Wood iPod. (Via Gizmodo.) - There's no such thing as separating the personal from the political in Washington, even for something as innocuous as a baseball cap for the home team. (Via Betsy Newmark.) - Heh: Idiot car thieves caught on tape by the joint Bait Car program of Greater Vancouver's several police forces. Check out the guy who found religion on realizing he was surrounded by police cars. (Via BoingBoing.) - Mark Steyn is typically sharp on why feel-good foreign aid schemes like Live 8 can ultimately do nothing, faced with Africa's endemic culture of corruption and entitlement - a culture all too often encouraged by feckless Western politicians and their supporters, who seem to think that throwing enough money around is the answer to everything. - Expanding the Hummer brand to a regular-sized SUV: huzzah for the power of marketing!


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