Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I snarl, I hiss; how can ignorance be compared to bliss?

I don't think anyone's surprised that obnoxious ex-Liberal Carolyn Parrish is being entreated to return to the fold. But, as usual, she manages to comment on the news with jaw-dropping ignorance: True to form, Ms. Parrish couldn't resist a little demonstration of her outspokenness in yesterday's interview, criticizing Canada's new Chief of the Defence Staff, General Rick Hillier, for some of his recent comments. She called him "dangerous" and a "testosterone-filled general," and added that "somebody should put a clamp on his mouth." Ms. Parrish, a self-described "peacenik," said she was particularly offended by Gen. Hillier's aggressive comments this month that the job of Canadian soldiers is "to be able to kill people." He had been speaking to reporters about the Canadian troop deployment to Kandahar, where the troops will target terrorist "murderers and scumbags." "They talk about me being outspoken," she said. "I'm speaking on my own behalf. This man is purporting to speak on behalf of the government, and I think he's dangerous. "I'm totally offended by him. . . . We are also not a country that is going to easily throw away 100 years of peacekeeping reputation and noble reputation in the world by a testosterone-filled general, and I think somebody should put a clamp on his mouth." I realize that for some Liberals, Canada sprang fully formed from Trudeau's godlike brow, but Jeebus. "100 years of peacekeeping?" Canadian troops were operating under UN auspices in 1905, hmmm? In actual fact, a little over a hundred years ago, Canadian soldiers were full participants in the maintenance of the British Empire, fighting in the Boer War, hardly a mission that could be called one of peacekeeping. (Not that that's a bad thing.) And if Parrish thinks that Rick Hillier is "dangerous" and "testosterone-filled," well, let's hope no one alerts her to the behaviour or demeanour of Canadian officers (or, at least, the perceptions thereof held by clueless Torontonian upper-middle-class professionals) prior to the era of the cuddly social-worker military. If the Liberal Party is still willing to embrace her after such patent idiocy on the very notion of national defence, I think it'll be clear that recent praise of Hillier's tough talk really was nothing but bluster.


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