Monday, July 11, 2005

Every now and then, a madman's bound to come along

Wacky former Law & Order star Michael Moriarty: Still basically correct (at least in political analysis); still apparently in possession of the uncanny ability to sound like a raving lunatic, nonetheless. In an earlier editorial, I discussed the "black hole" of Socialism. It dawned on me that such a description is obviously incomplete. What life-affirming being would willingly throw its financial life, liberties, rights and freedom of thought into such an all-engulfing dark quicksand? Socialism is not a black hole. It's a black sun. The endlessly voracious maw of its greed is veiled in light, a luminescence that draws us to it. The light, like the moon, is a reflection of our very own light, our infinite capacity to love. The lunar-like sheen is really a mirror to ourselves, but hardly the essence of what we really are, which is love. That is why Liberal good intentions sugarcoat the black hole with our own reflection, and why the U.S. Democratic Party has grown so powerful. Lucifer is not called the Bearer of Light for nothing. He basks in the light of reality's love. I say reality because the name of my political party is the Realists 2008. Yes, indeed, "reality" is as close a synonym for our Christian God, as the enemy will be obliged to accept. The opposing parties will say, "Obviously, Mr. Moriarty, your image of reality and ours differ greatly." ...Ooookay. I'm not in disagreement with his comments on Trudeau, socialism, the UN, or the unfortunate hard-left direction taken by the Democratic Party; but, wow, that's some nice crazy, in his tone and bizarre hyperbole. However entertaining Moriarty may be, he's no asset to the side of anyone vying for electability. (Via The Shotgun.)


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