Thursday, July 07, 2005

Either blind, or completely deranged

No one else seemed to be doing it yet, so let's take a good long look at what noted nest of moonbats and assorted crazies at Democratic Underground think about today's terror attacks in London. (More, also, in a second) and third thread). There's a number of generic expressions of goodwill towards the victims, but immediately the knives come out, and this early comment seems to set the tone: "Ask yourself 'who benefits?' and you know who did it." CrazyForKunich says: Bad news for the UK but then look who's their leader. Anyone see the connection? Countries with crappy leaders get bombed. America will be the next target once again soon enough. The Brits should throw out Blair today. Although I'm sure they'll have to rally around him like we did Bush after 9/11. Mr.Green93 is delusional: We must have peace talks Someone needs to show some leadership and open a peace dialog with Islamic leaders. DoYouEverWonder can't resist hideously inappropriate politicization: Blair looked and acted like a normal human being in contrast to Bu$h on 9-11 who acted like a cold hearted twit who didn't have a clue. There are occasional voices of reason chastising other posters: In a time of tragic crisis, let's make DU look as unfeeling and paranoid as we possibly can. So this is Blair's fault AND it was probably BUSH that planted the bombs? With folks like you two, who needs enemies? Ditto blondeatlast, who seems not to realize how frequent The Crazy occurs around DU: Lord knows I love DU, but sometimes it needs therapy--desperately. But, of course, the prospect of labyrinthine conspiracy theories is just too appealing for some, like Sterling: This is not Vietnam in the sense that failure will not be an option to the people who started this war. If these attacks are indeed ME Extremists and not some sort of false flag op and they continue and escalate it's a safe bet that the death machine will be ratcheted up by the western powers. At some point it will be a life and death struggle and we will all be forced into taking sides or be victims of the situation. It is my belief that 9-11 was an inside job and that many of the attacks since then have been false flag ops. SInce no one is actually looking into these possibilities it looks like the war of the worlds will continue and at a certain point it will no longer matter who started it it will just be a matter of who will prevail. Symbolman, however, probably takes the best prize for most incoherent blame-rant. So Al-Qaida and their allies hate us because of global warming, now? God bless those poor bastards who suffer and die there thanks to the policies of Bush and Blair. I wish only the best for the Brits and our hearts go out to them in their time of need. BUT, the chickens have come home to roost. I find it interesting that they keep repeating on CNN that all these leaders were there meeting to help the Starving in AFRICA, and to fix GLOBAL WARMING. Guess who STIFFED Africa RIGHT IN FRONT OF BLAIR on National TV, yep - you guessed it, HERR BUSH. So there he is standing with the Leaders of the world while Blair gets his turn in the limelight to LIE to the world again. Global warming? Bush REFUSES to do a THING about it. So here we are in the middle of a catastrophe with CNN USING it to make it Appear that Bush is helping the world, feeding Africa and solving the global warming problem.. there's instant sickening spin folks. NOW, if they are so INTENT on helping the folks starving, etc.. why not start with IRAQ? Kids will die in untold numbers this summer due to Cholera, lack of sanitation, getting blown up, being orphaned, shot, etc. BOTH Bush and Blair have not only condoned that, but BOTH LIED US INTO IT. Like I said, the chickens have come home to roost. We are ALL TARGETS NOW thanks to these assholes, ALL of us - no matter where we live, and the group of leaders admitted that tonight/today with Chimpy looking on, constipated, confused, waiting for someone to tell him what to say - where is his top liar ROVE? Why isn't Bush IMMEDIATELY giving a speech? Why isn't the terror alert raised HERE - CNN even mentioned that people no longer trust the Color Coded terror game, so now the GOvt has decided to NOT BOTHER WITH IT. What the FUCK? Spin, spin, spin. Remember what Bush said not more than a week ago in front of all those deathly silent troops. "We are fighting the war over there so that we don't have to fight it HERE." Well, guess what Blair and Bush? You are pathetic, psychopathic, greedy liars and should both be frog marched to the Hague, NOW. Oops, here comes the person that can't even RIDE A BIKE to tell us that everything is under control. Fuck you Bush, you goddam criminal, moron. You've killed us all, just a matter of time, while YOU sit behind concrete bunkers and 16 inches of glass in your cars. Well, that was a quick speech by Bush, waiting for him to end with, "Now watch this drive.." Damn you to hell, both of you. Most tasteless, however, is probably UKCynic, who's more or less bragging about it: Being 'tasteful' is not a priority As a Brit I am not in the least offended by someone pointing out that terrorism is a result not a cause. This is a very bad thing, a disaster for those who have lost people, but if we don't understand why it has happened we are lost. Terrorism is caused by deprivation, social discrimination, and hopelesness. A helicopter gunship murdering the guests at your sister's wedding will do it every time. We create terrorists by bombing and killing innocent civilians, and the US permits the Israelis to do the same. The problem is not only in Iraq, the problem that was caused by the artificial creation of the state of Israel (by us, I admit) has also to be solved. Latest deaths confirmed in London - 33 It's Bush's fault, it's Blair's fault, it's Israel's fault, the Israelis knew, Halliburton knew, anyone who voted for Blair deserved it, etc etc etc. I think I need a shower.


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