Monday, July 04, 2005

The colour of city sights

Long overdue: CITY HALL wants to make over Bank St. -- everything from a boulevard in front of Lansdowne Park to more trees to better street furniture. Those are some of the ideas the city has unveiled to redesign and revitalize one of Ottawa's main streets. A consulting company will poll residents on what they think. During the next 4-5 years, the city hopes to dig up and replace decades-old sewer pipes, water mains and road beds along a 3.1-km stretch of Bank between the Rideau Canal and Wellington St. Amen to that. For a city that likes to pride itself on being pedestrian- and mass transit-friendly, leaving one of the main north-south corridors to become so unwalkable (at least, in its densest stretch, from the foot of Parliament Hill down through the Glebe) is shameful. It's easy to lay out bike paths through the Greenbelt, and brag; it takes quite a bit more time and effort to maintain a human scale and prevent the growth of low-density suburban wasteland-style planning along one of the busiest streets in the city. For my money, they could leave out the furniture, though; leave providing those sorts of casual hangouts to private businesses, who can justify the expense of upkeep and possible replacement with the added business patio seating pulls in. I'd be satisfied with even just burying power, lines and greening up some of the more barren spots near Lansdowne.


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