Monday, June 27, 2005

Why, you can bet I'll find some rube to buy my corn

I think I predicted this pretty accurately - but then, so did a lot of people. Winnipeg -- Canada will ban bulk exports of prescription drugs as part of a crackdown on Internet pharmacists that Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh is expected to announce this week. In a report out of Ottawa, the Winnipeg Free Press quoted federal sources as saying Mr. Dosanjh also is expected to announce a monitoring system to track the volume of drugs being shipped out of the country in order to ensure Canadians who need prescription drugs aren't caught short. Mr. Dosanjh's move to cut off bulk sales of price-controlled Canadian drugs south of the border comes as legislation to allow the importing of foreign drugs works its way through the U.S. Congress. There's no such thing as magic. Everything has a cost. There was never a feasible way for Canadian re-exports to supply the American prescription drug market, without someone blinking in some way, be it the manufacturers themselves or the Canadian government. I'd almost like for John Kerry to have won the election last year, and for him to have attempted to enact what he kept promising in stump speeches: magical cheap drugs imported in bulk from Canada. This backlash would have no doubt been sooner in coming, then, but it also would have more delightfully blown up in the faces of those delusional Democrats who thought an end-run around the domestic market manufacturers, to dodge their local price controls, could actually work as a long-term strategy.


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