Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What an exhibition of self-delusion

There's a nice little bit of amusing morale-boosting fantasy at the end of this imaginative vision of the US 2006 elections, that would think it likely to impeach President Bush with a massive Democratic landslide in both houses: Associated Press, Nov. 8, 2006: The Democrats didn't waste any time after their landslide victory in the November midterm election that put them in charge, with huge margins in both the House and Senate. The incoming Democratic chairs of the various investigatory committees announced that subpoenas would be going out immediately to the White House for all documents relating to when and how the decision to attack Iraq was made; to how far up the chain of command the authorization for torture went; and whether Bush and Cheney and/or their subordinates lied to the Congress and the American People. Congressional committees also will be on the lookout for evidence of Administration involvement in war crimes, bribery and election fraud, Democratic officials said. It is expected that bills of impeachment will be filed shortly thereafter against both President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. If both Bush and Cheney are removed from office, the new Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, would become the President, as stipulated in the Presidential Succession Act of 1947; she would nominate a Vice President for approval by the Senate. Okay, I lied; that's hilarious far-left wet dream #1, President Pelosi. The more significant one is near the end: Well, friends, if you want to make something happen like the possible landslide defeat of the Bush Administration described above, it's time to crank up your activism now in preparation for the all-important 2006 midterm election. Just wishing for it, or starting to think about it a few months before the voting, won't make it happen. "All-important?" Call me crazy, but out of presidential election years and midterm election years, does it not make a bit more sense to deem the presidential campaign seasons the "all-important" ones? That is, assuming you're not dead-set on taking the executive by thoroughly inappropriate (if perfectly constitutional) means, in lieu of actually winning a presidential election... (For the record: As of today, I predict that 2006 will see a GOP victory in the House, though their majority will likely be weakened, and the Senate returned to a near-even split. Too bad we have to wait another year and a half for that more entertaining of campaigns, huh? An election where the outcome isn't a foregone conclusion would be nice to see, considering the domestic situation right now.) (Via LGF.)


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