Monday, June 27, 2005

Warm words, I've never said lately

Oh, Jack. You say such pretty things. But can they be believed in the slightest? The Liberals convinced the NDP and Bloc to vote to cut off debate on the NDP/Liberal budget bill late Thursday night, ensuring a Tory loss on yet another opportunity to bring down the government. But NDP Leader Jack Layton warned the PM to start "respecting Parliament" or risk forcing a fall election. And "Liberal arrogance" could be the thing that pulls the trigger, Layton said. "Once the budget bill has received royal assent, and that should happen in the next day or two, then that is the end of our commitment to support the Liberals," said Layton, whose party is also expected to support the government when the same-sex legislation, Bill C-38, comes to the Commons for a vote. Somehow I doubt that's the end. The NDP thoroughly enjoys the spectacle of being Paul Martin's puppetmaster, acting out a revenge fantasy against decades of irrelevance. Will the party's vaunted earnest idealism get set aside long enough to prop up a thoroughly corrupt and brazen government a bit longer, assuming the right policy proposals are floated? I think so. It seems to me that the so-called honest socialists are more easily seduced by power than others, believing as they do - moreso than more pragmatic parties - in a messianic mission to enforce Correct behaviour on the masses. If Liberals are willing to make deals that approach enacting the NDP's improbable utopia, no matter by how minute the degree, they'll be together in the current self-destructive codependency for quite a while.


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