Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This one is the nightmare that goes on

Oh my. The crude anti-Americanism generated in Ottawa and Toronto has repercussions in Pennsylvania: Canadian student in Bucks who allegedly had explosive equipment at home and made threat against school could be charged as adult. The 17-year-old Bucks County boy charged with having bomb-making equipment in his bedroom and threatening to blow up his school is a Canadian who hates Americans, prosecutors say. Travis W. Biehn was ordered held at the county juvenile detention center Friday after Judge Kenneth G. Biehn — no relation — ruled the boy remains a danger to the community. ''He had the explosives in his home and the parents didn't know about it,'' said Assistant District Attorney Robert D. James, who is prosecuting the boy. ''We don't want to send that kid back home.'' Meanwhile, in a second sweep of Central Bucks East High School in Buckingham Township, where Travis Biehn is an 11th-grader and classes were canceled Friday, police using nine bomb-sniffing dogs turned up no explosives, James said. District Attorney Diane E. Gibbons said police are trying to determine the boy's motive but added, ''He is very unhappy with Americans and would prefer to be in Canada.'' This would be precisely why the culture of casual anti-Americanism that so pervades Canadian politics, entertainment, and society at large is dangerous: there's an uncomfortable likelihood that some random psychopath will be willing to take it seriously as a call to arms, rather than just as an inferiority complex coupled with a catchall reason to complain. It's unfortunate he likely won't be tried as an adult; I think that seeing an example made of an authentic Canadian terrorist plotting the deaths of innocent Americans might be a bit of a wake-up call for all the right smug opinion-makers, here and abroad. (Via NealeNews.) UPDATE: How about charging the CBC as co-conspirators?


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