Monday, June 06, 2005

They seemed to hate this man

Last night's new Family Guy, entirely by accident, presented a nice précis of the effects of Bush Derangement Syndrome. Some people have no recollection of history - even their own, only several years distant. Take a look: That's a screencap from season 3, episode 3, "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington." It was originally aired in July 2001, and evidently produced even earlier previously than the usual six-to-nine-month lead time of most animated series, given that Bush (third from left) and Gore (a bit more recognizable) are given equal prominence and satirical treatment in the form of some very mild politician jokes. That wouldn't have happened after the madness of Election 2000. Note how much Bush appears as a generic suit of a politician, something like a younger Bob Dole; I'm guessing the key animators and/or storyboard artists, assuming à la Pauline Kael that he'd obviously lose, given that no one they knew planned to vote for him, simply didn't bother to come up with much of a caricature. Ditto, too, the writers or producers, who failed entirely to write the character as any variety of boob/moron/monkey/cowboy/etc. Now, compare that to last night's new episode: Amazing: from Generic Dull White Guy to slack-jawed idiot man-child of a giggling homunculus in a little under four years, all because of nearly-pathological irrational hatred on the producers' parts. What a terrible thing it is to lose one's mind, no?


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