Tuesday, June 14, 2005

That face, that face, that dangerous face

Ewwww. Loonatics is back again, with some new character models: Well, that's a start - at least compared to the previous iteration - but it's still godawful. Now the designs are just kind of mushy yet pointlessly angular à la Jackie Chan Adventures/The Batman/Men in Black: The Series. There's no expression there, no life, just a series of stamplike Extreme Cocky Grins and Dynamic Anime Poses. Someone's career is still riding on this, I suspect, and their desperation is becoming more evident. (Also...that's some terrible airbrushing, the redesigned faces aside. Likewise the cheats of a crude but massively Gaussian blurred background, and shadows created in Photoshop. On seeing this, If I didn't know this was an officially released promo piece, I would have assumed it was fairly decent fanart. What's fairly decent for the works of appreciative amateurs, however, is not a standard WB Animation should be embracing.) (Via Brian Tiemann.)


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