Monday, June 13, 2005

Someone once lied to us

Damian Penny has some more random observations on the Chaoulli decision: Michael Moore is working on a documentary called Sicko, an indictment of the American health-care system which, like Bowling for Columbine, will almost certainly have a section describing how much more enlightened we are in Canada. How's he going to deal with Chaoulli? Isn't it obvious? Ignoring, obfuscating, and outright lying about those portions of reality that don't reflect his utopian fantasies about Canada. Have we forgotten about the Wal-Mart bullet-buying scene in Bowling for Columbine? Or the rest of his fanciful portrayals of Canada? If this case is mentioned at all, it'll be in passing, with an immediate cut to clips of the PM splenetically declaring that it means nothing. Moore will do whatever's necessary to paint the US as hell on Earth compared to oh-so-progressive Canada, and he's never let, y'know, the actual truth stand in his way before; why would it stop him now?


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