Monday, June 20, 2005

Some strange deranged expression

And now, it's time for another in a series of how Bush Derangement Syndrome and its peripheral animosities have driven the producers of Family Guy/American Dad mad, and sufficiently so as to damage their collective sense of humour and comedy-writing judgement. Below is Democratic strategist and consultant James Carville, pictured with wife Mary Matlin, and how a caricature thereof appeared in Family Guy episode 1ACX09, "Running Mates," originally aired April 2000. Carville looks, frankly, like a mildly scary hobgoblin of a man in his own right, but his animated portrayal further exaggerates easily-recognizable features, as a caricature should. Now, take a look at Republican strategist Karl Rove, both in real life, and as appearing in last night's American Dad: I'm seeing a lot less caricatured exaggeration of a chubby wonk, and a bit more Emperor Palpatine by way of The Devil Himself. Here's a tip, guys: over-the-top bombasticism isn't that funny, when it seems likely you mean it more seriously than not.


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