Thursday, June 09, 2005

Louder than words

In general, I'm not picky about recent musical theatre. I enjoy most everything, as long as it involves some clever, singable lyrics, and energy in the score. Basically, will it work as the equivalent of a radio play, just listening to the album? Is there a coherent story without the fripperies of an actual staging? There are exceptions, however. I've never much cared for Rent, even after listening to the original cast album multiple times; it always seemed to me to be a musical for shallow hipsters imagining themselves too cynical and sophisticated for musicals. (Much better in that vein would be an earlier work of late Rent auteur Jonathan Larson, Tick...Tick...Boom, which seems all the more authentic for being semi-autobiographical.) All of which is to say: I'm surprised to find myself warming up to the just-released trailer for the film adaptation. Maybe I have unfairly misjudged the entire show. We'll see, come end-of-year obvious-Oscar-begging season, I guess... (Via AICN.)


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