Monday, June 13, 2005

The late night double feature picture show

Yow: "Cineplex buys Famous Players." Cineplex Galaxy LP said it agreed to buy the Famous Players unit from Viacom Inc. for $500-million, combining Canada's two largest movie-theatre companies. [...] Famous Players operates at 81 locations with 787 screens across the country, including theatres in its joint ventures with Imax Corp. and its partnership with Alliance Atlantis. Cineplex Galaxy operates or has an interest in 86 theatres with 775 screens across Canada in six provinces. I remember, when very young, thinking that they were the only two theatre chains in Canada, or possibly North America; I had no conception it was anything but a bipolar market. It was a shock to learn of other chains, or independent theatres. In a small way, this merger is one more part of my childhood disappearing. (On a more practical and less maudlin note: does this mean that the unofficial division of distributors between the two will stop, or that it'll become more pronounced, as the new expanded chain micromanages even further which films are shown where?)


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