Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's a weird so feared

Effete annoyance that he usually is, I do have to agree wholeheartedly with TV critic John Doyle on the Michael Jackson trial: But what was missing from the extensive TV play on Monday and from yesterday's morning news programs was coverage and analysis of those sad, strange people who supported Jackson throughout the trial. [...] Another sign held aloft in the crowd of supporters on Monday said, "Michael, on behalf of mankind, we are sorry." Nearby, a woman was releasing white doves into the air as each "not guilty" verdict was announced. Later on Monday, that woman was interviewed on CNN. A puzzled Anderson Cooper asked her if she really thought it was okay for Jackson to share a bed with young boys. She answered, "We all have a child within ourselves." Now that's plain weird. It's so loopy that it makes your hair stand on end. And that's the real story of the Jackson trial, the one that remains a mystery, the issue that has been buried. Can somebody please try to explain why people from all over the world followed Jackson as if he were the leader of a religious cult, and believe in his right to have young boys sleeping in his bed? What on earth has caused this devotion? Jackson is a truly repulsive figure. He admitted to having often-vulnerable children in his bed. He has a long history of obsessing about his appearance to the point of taking self-love and self-aggrandizing behaviour to extraordinary levels. Out of that egotism came a declaration that it was okay to take young boys into his bed. By any standards, that's unacceptable. But in his case, this hard-core group of fans give him their backing. Why?


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