Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's the only solution, it can't be avoided

Ay. I take most of the day off to fix my dryer (long story short: I think I'll be happy to shell out $700 for a new one, the next time something starts making odd noises inside) and l'affaire Grewal keeps getting worse, at least (at the very least) optics-wise. I have to agree with Greg Staples on this: Here's the deal. I questioned the Conservatives in their strategy of releasing the tapes saying if they were not the real deal then they were impossibly stupid. In every clip I have seen of Grewal of late he has CPC Communications Director Geoff Norquay shadowing him. The top brass of the CPC is involved. If these tapes are spliced this is beyond stupid it is devastating. To me anyway as I will stop supporting the Conservatives if it is true. I'd say 'mind-numbingly, appallingly, atrociously stupid,' but that's just a matter of semantics. Beyond that I obviously want it not to be true that the Grewal tapes were in any way faked, I can't believe the Conservative Party would be so incredibly incompetent (or arrogant, especially given the known out-and-out bias the press will always tend to apply; if Stephen Harper were to hand out free ice cream, the next day's headlines would scream TORIES PLOT TO MAKE CANADIANS FAT) as to attempt brazening their way through an elaborate and easily-exposed fraud. That just doesn't make sense, if only logically; setting aside for a moment how reprehensible it is to frame someone with manufactured evidence, it's monstrously idiotic to even try, without a sympathetic public and widespread media support. If this premise is true, that the yet-unexplained audio glitches are evidence of editing, what was - well, anybody - thinking? I hope this turns out to be another strategic feint on the Liberals' part, relying on innuendoes to turn the tables, based on secondary analysis of already-processed files. If it's true, then I give up; Canada is far beyond saving, if there's not a single party than can keep itself clean of both dirty pool and a nanny-state mentality.


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