Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm so dismayed; did I mention I'm betrayed?

Steve Jobs confirms the bombshell that seemed to be incredible rumour spreading since Friday: Apple is moving to Intel processors. 10:31am PDT - “Mac OS X has been living a secret double life” for the past 5 years. 10:32am PDT - Satellite shot with crosshairs shows building where a team has been working on the “Just in Case…” scenario. Every release of Mac OS X has been compiled for Intel for the past 5 years. That might have been goddamn nice to know at any point in the past two years when I was making a decision about the details of my next desktop purchase, you utter tool. Talk about contempt for the existing user base! Would it have not made more sense to switch processors at the same time as the transition from OS9 to OSX, to minimize this kind of trauma? The entire "Switch" ad campaign now becomes, in retrospect, a shameless, hypocritical fraud, premised as it was on requiring (more expensive) Apple-branded hardware in order to run (unquestionably) superior Apple software. I'm angry. I didn't personally spend the $4800 that Columbia cost, but I feel betrayed; how can I continue to justify in economic terms the cost of that hardware, given this news? Forget near-seamless emulation of current code on future Intel-based machines; why should I have gone to the trouble of making the case for Apple in the recent past, or the here and now? Five years. You megalomaniacal ass. I bet the famed Jobs Reality Distortion Field takes a good, hard beating over this... UPDATE: Brian Tiemann has a thorough run-down of Apple's likely strategy at the nitty-gritty level, here. I'm feeling better; it's not as though Columbia is entirely useless just yet. Plus, maintaining the proprietary hardware distinction seems sensible. (My main concern is for the continued development of this wonderful OS. Plus, not feeling like an idiot for making the case for current top-of-the-line Apple hardware, just a couple months ago. As far as Apple's success in the market, beyond the baseline of non-bankruptcy? That matters less to me.)


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