Monday, June 06, 2005

If Ever I Would Leave You

Well, spiffy. Liberal MP Pat O'Brien, who opposes his party's position on gay marriage, says he's quitting the Grits to sit as an Independent. The move comes less than two months after he held a news conference to announce he was staying with the Liberals despite misgivings. O'Brien has been out of step with his party on social issues and has been long opposed to the government's efforts to pass legislation to legalize same-sex marriage. I won't pretend it doesn't bother me that he largely felt the need to leave not over, y'know, The Corruption, but instead over C-38, which I don't significantly oppose in content. (Procedure, sure; but not content, for the most part.) That seems to say that everything the Liberals have done to maintain their grasp on power was fine with him, except for the one social issue on which he dissents. The question is, now, will he be willing to vote against the government in a confidence matter just to prevent the bill from later passing?


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