Monday, June 27, 2005

I will not fear my tragic plight; I have a choice, I'll take to flight

The anti-VLT crowd held a vigil yesterday to attempt, once more, to convince government to prevent private citizens from exercising free will in wasting money as they choose: HALIFAX — More than 150 people gathered in a Halifax church Sunday evening to remember people who have committed suicide because of their addiction to video lottery terminals. The hour-long interfaith service was a prelude to a news conference at the provincial legislature scheduled for Monday, where family members were to talk about their experiences and call on the province to ban VLTs. Look, I appreciate theses families' losses. But banning VLTs won't stop those who are truly determined from gambling. I can see scenarios where it might spur them to do their gambling elsewhere - Gatineau, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Atlantic City, etc; anywhere with legal casinos or betting racetracks, or even online - but I doubt merely making it less convenient will stop hardcore problem gamblers.


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