Monday, June 06, 2005

I know it sounds a bit bizarre

...But in Ottawa, Ottawa, that's how conditions are: This is what I mean by "optics," and the seeming Conservative inability to understand that perception is everything. OTTAWA (CP) - Air Canada is investigating an incident at Vancouver airport involving a Tory MP embroiled in a taping scandal. Gurmant Grewal was spotted in the waiting area Saturday trying to get passengers to transport a package to Ottawa. Airport sources won't confirm if there was a tape in the envelope the B.C. MP was trying to pass along. Without even concerning ourselves with the fact that Grewal should be well aware of the regulations that require carry-on luggage to be in the owner's possession, why? Why would he do it? Did he think he was going to be shanghaied by pirates, or kidnapped by Liberal operatives, with the only hope for safely transporting...whatever...being handing it off to a passing civilian, cloak-and-dagger-like? It really doesn't matter if the facts ever vindicate him, at this point; he's managed (with the passive help of party leadership unwilling to engage in scorched-earth damage control tactics) to make himself look increasingly flat-out weird. Is that really helpful, to anyone but the PM & Co.? UPDATE: Yes, scorched-earth damage control like that; that's what I was asking for. Why didn't it happen at some point last week, though?


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