Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I have a sense for all the obvious signs, and pal, I know when someone's feeding me lines

One Nancy Burden, after some not-terribly-lucid rambling about the purported scariness of the Patriot Act, takes exception to my connecting endemic anti-American sentiment with yesterday's chilling example of those who are willing to act upon it: So an obvious yamyak was influenced by the CBC. What about the yahoos that are influenced by Bugs Bunny? ok, so the CBC is anti-american. Yup, the taxpayer funded and strongly Liberal-biased Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is anti-american. Does it surprise that our present government, the twelve-year running Liberal gang in Ottawa, and the power party in Canada for most of the past century, might have something to do with that? Hmmm. Yes, the average Canadian is aware of the machiavellian connection between the Liberal government and the leftwing mainline Canadian media. But this does not mean that all Canadians are anti-American. And can you imagine if speaking out against Paul Martin’s government got you labeled anti-Canadian? I never said that all Canadians were, but a considerable number are either actively anti-American, or passively accepting of such slurs. Either is a problem. "The yahoos that are influenced by Bugs Bunny" in attempting a killing spree would have to be interpreting pseudo-Vaudevillian banter pretty intensely, aided by a rather large dose of mental illness. Conversely, you don't have to be schizophrenic, or read very much into unsubtle commentary, to see rampant anti-American bias at the CBC. Do I see a direct connection? No. Is there a circumstantial connection, between the typical and tedious anti-American bluster we see in newspapers, hear from politicians, and watch on TV? I think so. It tends to normalize and make socially acceptable what should be no less inappropriate than, say, pathological hatred of Germany or China. If the "yamyak" in question (I'll admit, I've never heard that one before) lived in Germany, plotted to kill Germans, and had been egged on by relentless anti-German sentiment in the Canadian media, I wonder if she would feel differently? (Also - I don't know where Nancy's been, but speaking out against Paul Martin's government does get you tarred as anti-Canadian, without much complaint from a complicit media establishment. Or, at least, accused by members of cabinet as being "Klan members" with a "secret agenda" to destroy the country. Same difference.)


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