Monday, June 13, 2005

How shall we spend the money we earn?

Another day, another announcement of needless subsidy pork for a Liberal constituency-industry: Banff, Alta. — Canada's television industry is getting $100-million in new money to create homegrown programming. The money was announced Sunday by Heritage Minister Liza Frulla to producers and executives at the Banff World Television Festival. The money will go to the Canadian Television Fund, Ms. Frulla said in a speech before the festival's opening reception. [...] Ms. Frulla said the fund is essential to ensure Canadians receive distinctive programming. Yes, Lord knows we just couldn't survive Idol, Blue Murder or W5. Unless we should happen to have the remote handy, in order to switch the channel to American Idol, Law & Order, or 20/20, maybe. “Since it's inception, the (fund) has helped bring more than 18,000 hours of original Canadian programming to the screen,” said Ms. Frulla. That's a bug, not a feature.


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