Sunday, June 26, 2005

Authors, too, who once knew better words, now only use four-letter words

I spent more time than I meant to in the HM's office this weekend, plowing through what - I swear - is about (still) a cubic metre of returned mail; when no one's actively keeping mailing addresses current from month to month, they seem to go bad by the thousands. It's a huge job, which should keep me busy for another couple of months, assuming no more sudden ten percenters get dumped in my lap. The other thing I finally finished up, however, and I'm glad it's done with, was dealing with the last remaining dregs of correspondence on C-38. Lo and behold, I found the first (and only, at least in hard copy) genuinely obscene letter from someone on the anti- side. That's something that ought to get more play in the media, but for obvious reasons never will: Most of those opposed to same-sex marriage aren't hate-mailing, bile-spewing bigots. The vast majority of the mail I've read, filed, and processed is nothing if not polite and civil, if firm. I remain committed to the premise that mass-mailing MPs, or in fact communicating with any other than your own and cabinet ministers, by personally written letters, is a waste of time, but those who feel otherwise are at least mostly good enough not to make my job too much of a chore. If every piece of mail was as abusive and crude (I'd love to know what kind of person thinks such language - whatever you imagine, that's about right - is appropriate to use in correspondence with their MP) as the Single Letter of Outright Homophobia, I don't know if I'd be able to refrain from sneaking out the back and dumping the whole pile down into the river.


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