Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You're running up and down that hill, you turn it on and off at will

Why I can't be very upset over the self-righteous whining of those who would suggest it beyond the pale to call Belinda Stronach a political whore: Belinda Stronach had barely made her debut as a Liberal yesterday when like-minded callers were pre-emptively phoning Toronto radio stations to bemoan the sexist nature of anyone who might in the ensuing days dare to label the woman a political whore. Oh, how very cute, and how very familiar: It is never enough for the Liberal Party of Canada, its henchmen or supporters, to let the people decide what they will make of a given situation. The good Liberal always attempts to dictate the very language of what will, and what won't, constitute the parameters of fair comment and reasonable discussion thereafter. Read the rest (with the usual workaround). Blatchford (who, it must be noted, is ever-so-slightly difficult to paint as a misogynist old white guy) is spot-on. Yes, I (and others) may have been slightly intemperate, and rightly so. But that's how I felt then, that's how I feel now, and I won't bow to the cult of political correctness; not when wild accusations will be made in the absence of any such purportedly offensive sentiment, anyway. (Via Damian Penny.) UPDATE: Of course, it would seem Andrew Coyne makes the point much better.


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