Tuesday, May 24, 2005

With no one stopping us, believe you me, there's no topping us

I wonder if public "demand" for an election would have been greater last week if this had been known? OTTAWA - The Liberal government has set up a war room -- at a cost of about $1-million to taxpayers -- to handle the fallout from the Gomery commission. Documents obtained by CanWest News Service through the Access to Information Act reveal the rapid-response war room, which is in almost daily contact with the Prime Minister's Office and the government's top bureaucrat, Alex Himelfarb, is operating out of the Privy Council Office. The cost of the strategic office, which does everything from prepare answers for Question Period in the House of Commons to keeping the PMO abreast of testimony at the inquiry, covers the salaries of staff and expenses. Is this even worth getting upset about at this point? I'm sure Martin's cronies could easily spin the need for defensive talking points as essential to the dignity of the PMO. Still, it's not terribly surprising, which is a shame; it'll be taken in stride, and cause exactly no outrage. After all, $1m is small potatoes, comparatively, right?


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