Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What's going on around me is barely making sense

Not that I'm not prepared to believe that PMO cronies and other Liberal power-brokers were offering cabinet posts left and right to entice more Tory defections; that's a given. (Do I smell just a bit of anxiety over over the potential to lose the vote via loose cannon backbenchers?) But, if it's on tape, as Grewal claimed in his impromptu press conference, why haven't we heard the audio yet? If this isn't a evidence-free feint to psych the Liberals into backing off on that, it's a pretty good impression thereof. UPDATE 11:55: Okay, I see it's available now, including transcripts. That'll teach me to accidentally leave something unposted for three hours while otherwise busy, then posting without checking to see if anything new has developed in the interim.


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