Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The very best at being bad

Recently launched blog N =1 ties it all together - all the Liberal shenanigans of the past week - to make what's not necessarily so obvious a point: The common thread linking these two Liberal eructations is: these are not the actions of a healthy governing party. If you believe you have any reasonable chance of surviving an election, you do not attempt to bribe Opposition members into resigning, nor do you claim that the Tories are Klansmen. These are the last gasps of a thoroughly diseased organism. The Liberal Party is gangrenous, and the stench is rising. And what is more, they're acting as if they know it. I've mentioned this before, but I have a serious empathy problem: I have almost no idea what 'normal' people think about politics, even when talking to them, because our frames of reference are so different. We who pay attention have known for a long time that the Liberals are exactly that desperate and decayed, but the apathetic centre wasn't guaranteed to notice, until now. As N points out, recently, the pace of incipient collapse has become incredibly rapid; it'll be hard for even the die-hard disinterested to miss it, and that's good for Conservative chances. This time, the Liberals aren't going to be able to run on the cachet (so important to the politically ignorant) of being the winners to pick, as if the process of elections were a giant game of being 'correct,' rather than an exercise of opinion. I have no idea how many the stench of decay will drive to the Tories or to just stay home, but that it has to be becoming more visible to the average observer (outside of short bursts of scandal, with their attendant media frenzy) is a start. (Also, I must say, I'm flattered at being blogrolled in N's top tier. I have no idea what I've ever said or done to be ranked above any of those in the academically-themed "Associate Professors" and "Assistant Professors" sections, but I'm not complaining; many thanks.)


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