Tuesday, May 10, 2005


5:46: The House is packed, and the crashing Baroque soundtrack CPAC uses during breaks has come to an appropriate climax. Let's get this party started, huh? 5:52: Applause and then silence. C-12, the Quarantine Act, is up first. Martin looks sad and worried as he sits down, although it could admittedly just be indigestion. 5:59: Applause for the MPs who've managed to turn up despite illness. Good on them; we're thankful. 6:04: C-9. Dull. 6:15: Motion 13. Here we go. 6:17: Chuck Strahl seems to be dressed as if on his way to a night at the opera. 6:19: Applause, as the Tory caucus finishes and the Bloc starts. 6:21: The Liberals start the nays. 6:22: The PM is smiling. I don't like that. 6:26: It seems David Kilgour can be bought, after all. And for so little, too; what happened to his list of ten demands? 6:26: 153-150. The speaker declares it carried. Now what? 6:27: The Liberal Whip shamelessly asks if the speaker would like to make carrying the motion require a unanimous vote. Lordy, girl; could you be any more slimy? 6:28: They're now on a double-check. Ooooh, Milliken, you suspense-building weenie. This deserves to be finished in a second post, I think.


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