Wednesday, May 04, 2005

They've got what they want; they think so, anyway

Huh. This makes the contest in my riding interesting again: OTTAWA (CP) -- Former federal NDP Leader Ed Broadbent, who staged a high-profile comeback last year, is announcing he won't run again in the next federal election. Broadbent, 69, who was re-elected to the Commons in last June's federal vote, scheduled a news conference for mid-day in Ottawa to discuss his future. His Liberal opponent last year was Richard Mahoney, perhaps the most Martin-loyal party hack you could hope to ask for, even going so far as to cynically plug the Tory candidate, Mike Murphy (such a non-entity, I actually had to look up his name) above Broadbent. If any dirt can stick to Martin - and it probably still can - his close personal friends aren't going to have an easy run, this time around. Still, it'll be a cold day in hell before Ottawa Centre is willing to vote much more than around 20% Conservative (this is a riding that regularly sees both Marxist-Leninist and Communist Party candidates, after all), so I hope the NDP can nominate a decent replacement candidate quickly. (Wow, it continues to be painful to have to wish good things for the NDP on a strategic political basis.) UPDATE: Broadbent has the most believable family-related reason for retirement from politics I've heard in a long time. Godspeed to both he and his wife.


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