Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So take your cue; don't be the bunny

Life after cancellation: One of the Fox network's many victims in the quirky-but-doomed sitcom genre gets another kick at the can. "Greg the Bunny" takes off from the cancellation of Greg and Warren the Ape's Fox sitcom. To pay the bills, pair has been reduced to making film parodies for IFC. Cabler has ordered a dozen five- to 12-minute episodes. Moxie Pictures will produce from creators Dan Milano, Spencer Chinoy and Sean Baker. Ouch. I think the original cast had some real chemistry, especially Bob Gunton (probably best known as Warden Norton in The Shawshank Redemption, but also recently popping up in Desperate Housewives and other bit parts) with Seth Green and Eugene Levy. Being reduced to a spin-off with two of the more one-dimensional (albeit amusing) puppet members of the cast turns the central conceit itself - puppets are real, "Fabric-Americans," some of whom happen to be employed as actors for childrens' TV shows, and have interesting off-camera lives - into a poor, shambling zombie of itself. That's worse than the similar online revival of its network stablemate The Critic, which at least had the benefit of retaining its star, SNL alum/belovedly smarmy B-comedian Jon Lovitz. (Plus, the benefit of Flash animation being effectively identical to the untrained eye to mediocre television-quality animation.) Greg the Bunny's saving grace was its gestalt premise, not the puppet characters; without being able to return on a full scale, it's nothing. I'd say there's always hope for a Family Guy-like revival, but with an Amazon sales rank of #5,409, that seems pretty remote at this point. (Via TV Tattle.)


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