Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Set me up, pull me down, then exploit my condition

We now have another motion of no confidence pending, after a 153-147 decision not to adjourn the House. If this is only another directive to a committee, though, why did the government attempt to head off even its introduction, hmmm? Why the urgent need to knock off early for the day? Each decision to ignore the will of the House becomes more and more disgraceful, humiliating to the dignity of our parliamentary system and reputation abroad. I remember when Canada had a system that - although flawed - was slightly more credible than those of many former Soviet republics and Latin American client states. I miss those days; does anyone else? Harper is emphatic: "It is time, for God's sake, to go." I with he'd expanded that into a little Cromwellian riff, alas. He does need to stop explaining the order in which he's doing things, too; it kills the righteous drama just a bit. The preamble here looks as though it might take a while, reading into the record as he is a précis of Liberal malfeasance for the past several years. Jeebus, I hope this gets reported tonight and tomorrow morning as 'impassioned,' not 'tedious' - especially the line "The government of Canada is a threat to Canadian democracy." UPDATE, 5:30: All right, now I'm not even sure what's going on; I missed about five minutes, somewhere along the line. Harper had introduced another motion to adjourn after reading a considerable rehashing into the record, without there being a vote on Motion 37 itself. The next vote to adjourn happens at 6:00 or so. I'm confused? UPDATE, 6:45: That was the motion itself? The motion to adjourn was also deemed to be a nonconfidence motion? Um, okay. Maybe that should have been a bit better explained, because it didn't seem that impressive in practice. (Andrew Coyne has more.) On the other hand, the Liberals are looking worse and worse; if it's so reasonable to hold a vote on the budget next week (and even that's something of a nebulous, non-specific promise right at the moment, since we don't know which budget), then why won't they do it ASAP? Even the reporters in the post-adjournment-vote scrum were asking that of Ontario Liberal Dan McTeague, for some reason elected to speak in absence of the PM, House Leader, or anyone else better. Of course, he was deflecting shamelessly, but it seems that's starting to get a bit old for even the more Liberal-friendly journalists.


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