Saturday, May 14, 2005

Now the gods grew quite scared, of our strength and defiance

Paul Wells got his cranky, faux-exasperated above-the-fray question of a few days ago - will anyone actually vote differently this election than in last year's - answered, and the results are fascinating. Granted, it's not a scientific poll or anything, but it's still interesting to see the direction of changes. The handful of those moving to the Liberals from another party aren't (with one exception) particularly enthusiastic about it, and the feeling of almost everyone else - that the Liberals need to spend some time out of power for their (and the country's) own good - seems fairly standard between planned Conservative, NDP and Green voters. Add to that the story of an almost certain polling backlash over ignoring the House's clear lack of confidence that greeted me picking up today's Citizen, plus a sudden Liberal lack of faith in Paul Martin's grinning mug on campaign signage, and, yeah, that makes my weekend.


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