Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A man could go quite mad

Joe Volpe: utter loon, and pretty repugnant to boot. OTTAWA (CP) - The Conservatives want an apology from Immigration Minister Joe Volpe for comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan. The Opposition party is made up of racists, Volpe said Tuesday, calling members recognizable "notwithstanding that they don't have their cowl and their cape." "The Klan looks like it's still very much alive," the minister added. Volpe made the comments in response to a poster prank in which two Conservative MPs refer to the Liberals as the The Liberanos, a mocking reference to the television Mafia show The Supranos. "I think these are a couple of fine, upstanding members of the new Conservative Klan," Volpe said, referring to a picture of Tory MPs Lee Richardson and Werner Schmidt holding a copy of the poster. There's video, too. The reporters scrumming Volpe gave him multiple opportunities to backtrack...and he didn't. Methinks the Immigration Minister needs desperately to be reacquainted with the notion of satire - satire, for the record, with no racial overtones, and entirely criminal ones. In a perfect world, this kind of massive overreaction/slanderously spurious accusation would be enough scandal to kneecap the government all by itself; in this one, I fear it'll be papered over by tomorrow or the next day, before it has a chance to sink in too deeply just what kind of ghoulish and despicable remarks Liberals are so casually willing to throw around to maintain a stranglehold on power. (Via various.)


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