Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm learning things I didn't want to know

I caught Question Period during my workout a little while ago, and couldn't believe the depths to which the PM (and Tony Valeri, and one forlorn answer from Ralph Goodale, but otherwise no other members of cabinet) sank today. My oh my, the excuses! Now isn't a good time for a "real" confidence vote because the government has too much respect for British Columbians currently undergoing a provincial campaign; an election now would be insulting to the centenary celebrations of Alberta and Saskatchewan; the opposition are callous Machiavellians for having a confidence vote (but an entirely meaningless one, Mr. Valeri kept assuring everyone, oh yes) when one Liberal is too sick to attend the House (this despite two Tories in attendance against their doctors' advice); and, a real low point, even hiding behind suddenly top-of-the-agenda veterans' legislation. 'Shameless' would be a kind description of this behaviour. (An aside: why is killing currently pending legislation imagined to be so destructive? If it's good and necessary law, it can be reintroduced and passed in the next Parliament; if it's not, then manufactured urgency is cynical gamesmanship at best, especially when the government keeps playing with the timing and exact definition of having the confidence of the House.) Every day, I keep thinking there's nothing the Liberals could do to sink any lower, and every day they keep proving me wrong. I think marching on Parliament Hill would be a fine idea, at this point.


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