Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I love those city lights, the colour of city sights

Ah, here we go. I knew I must have slightly mangled that line from the most confrontational of speakers at yesterday's protest: "People who ride buses should not be governing people who ride tractors," said Bob McKinley of the Rural Council of Ottawa-Carleton. "They're completely unwilling to listen or pay attention to the fact that we have rights. The longer they fail to listen, the more militant the response will be." I don't think it changes the thrust of the message much. Look, I grew up in the Ottawa Valley. I am familiar - albeit on a second-hand basis - with the operations of the family farm. It's hard to live in a largely rural county and not be, on some level. But fiery rhetoric denigrating urbanites - and veiled threats of "militant response" - are no less hurtful and unnecessary than the casual snobbery of the hipper-than-thou which paints all ruralites as hicks and rednecks, or the calls to "direct action" of the angry left. The bottom line is that I'm inclined to be sympathetic to abuses suffered under Liberal governments, federal and provincial, but please try not to give me reasons to change my mind, huh?


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