Monday, May 02, 2005

I know things now, many valuable things, that I hadn't known before

Bell ExpressVu is now, finally, carrying Fox News. It seems to have been launched in some kind of stealth rollout, showing up at some point in the last few days when I wasn't paying attention to unexplained shifts in my channel listings. That certainly took long enough. (I'd still love to know why it took five months, when Rogers was able to add it to their digital package offerings mere weeks after the CRTC's thumbs-up.) Not that I have any use for it on a day-to-day basis, though; at least, not at the moment. It would have been nice to have for Campaign 2004. Right now, however, I'd like to see something similar for the Canadian market. Even CTV Newsnet (as the least obnoxious of the Canadian news networks) is still exasperatingly annoying in their none-too-subtle Liberal cheerleading/Conservative fearmongering. Or, for that matter, their propensity for fluff stories to fill out each fifteen-minute news cycle. This is what I supported your license adjustment application for?


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