Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hurry, you fool, hurry, and go; save me your speeches, I don't want to know

Well. Today certainly got our attention, didn't it. I'd like to say I saw this coming, for a given value of "saw this coming," but I honestly didn't. (I imagined an internal party coup on Stronach's part.) The drama also made 11:00 this morning an exceptionally bad time to quickly meet with the HM, and believe me, those parts of Parliament Hill not near the action are no more interesting a vantage point for sudden bombshells than at home with the TV turned to Newsnet. I'd also like to say I have faith in the continued likelihood of toppling the government - which, in the name of all that is good and holy, self-evidently needs to happen now - but I don't. Maybe this is the end, and Thursday the Doom of Men - or, at least, Canada as we now know it. Certainly, it's getting harder to argue that we have a system of government other than oligarchic kleptocracy. Even the press guffawed as the PM attempted to claim that his new HRDC Minister wouldn't necessarily make a difference for the vote. At least it's something to be vindicated for assuming that pushing the budget vote back was obviously part of an even more grandiose scheme to escape the noose. That's something, right?


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